If you have a question we might be able to answer it here, if not, give us a call (719)578-0935

How do I purchase tickets?

There are multiple different ways of going about purchasing tickets.  The easiest is buy clicking the buy tickets button on the home page or the ticketing page.  If you or a person you are buying tickets for are interested in participating in our events, you should call our office to reserve a spot. You may also book tickets over the phone.  (719)578-0935

Can I compete in Bull Riding?

Only Professional bull riders are able to compete in bull riding, if you are aspiring to become a bull rider and want to hop on one of the steers, that would be a good way to start. (depending on age) If you are a Professional bull rider please contact our office.

What is the schedule of events?

We have the schedule of events shown in the events page, of course these are the guidelines.  Depending on timing sometimes the events will be sooner or later than the schedule says.

Can I show up late?

We understand that many of you have jobs that you will not be able to leave until later in the day, we do encourage you all to still come out.  You may enter the Rodeo at any time, and there will be activities until 10:00 PM every night.

Are vegetarian meals available?

We do have the option to make a vegetarian meal with advanced notice.  Our catering company would like at least 24 hours in advanced to make the vegetarian meal, so anyone who would like this option please make advanced reservations and specify your concern.