Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities for the C O S Rodeo

The COS Rodeo is preserving Western Heritage and creating the future of rodeo at Norris Penrose Event Center in Colorado Springs.    The goal of the COS Rodeo is to introduce young people to the exciting sport of Rodeo and a lifestyle that builds real character.

The C O S Rodeo is a unique family event with weekly performances.  (This aint’ no Play Station virtual reality game.) Young riders can ride a mutton, hop on a steer or ride a horse in competitions.  Pro riders put on the big show with Bucking horse, Bull Riding and Barrel Racing competition.  Our spectators cheer from the heart while experiencing cultural activities like campfires and s’mores, country music and a western dinner.

The Norris Penrose Arena has been home to Rodeo for over 75 years and 2016 marked the start of a new era in Colorado Springs Western Heritage.   The C O S Rodeo looks forward to preserving the west, building our partnership and making a tradition of a weekly rodeo series in Colorado Springs a sustainable venture.

Title Sponsor “Baron”             $15000.00 aow-046

Own your own Rodeo and support the growth of the sport!  (For Example, The North Western Mutual COS Rodeo) Use this sponsorship to host your summer employee appreciation party or to entertain your VIP customers.  Either way you and your team will be the proud stars of the show.  Your support will directly finance the acquisition of the stock needed and provide the foundation of the show.

  • 200 tickets to the rodeo for you to use as you wish.
  • 6, 3’x5’ posters with your logo will be hung in the arena all season.
  • Buckin’ Chute Stickers with your logo.
  • 10 announcements during each Rodeo.
  • Logo on Front Page of COSRODEO.com noted as title Sponsor.
  • Logo included in all marketing pieces.
  • Additional tickets can be purchased at the rate of $15.00.
  • Meals are not included but title sponsor ticket holders will receive 20% off.

Silver Level   “Rancher”          $4000.0013493763_1137801792909498_78562902_o

Short of owning a rodeo you can be a key supporter to ensure the guests of the Rodeo are having a good time.  Use your tickets for one grand evening or use them throughout the season.  Your support will directly finance the country bands and staff required to entertain throughout the season. Your support will benefit the rodeo’s sights and sounds which include, music, fire pits, bounce houses and BB gun shooting range, along with other fun activities. To finish off the night Country Bands will be rockin’ the stage for two hours every evening; come dance the night away with us!

  • 100 tickets for the rodeo
  • 2, 3’x5’ posters in the arena all Season
  • Logo Stickers on the Hoot Gibson Stage Truck
  • 2-4 announcements each night of the Rodeo.
  • logo on Front Page of COSRodeo.com
  • Logo included on marketing poster

3 sponsorships available



Bronze Level   “Cahoots”     

Sponsor an event at the Rodeo!  What’s your favorite event?  Barrel Racin’, Steer Ridin’, Mutton Bustin’ , Team Sortin’, Parade or the Balloon Glow?  Any one you choose the contestants will be most grateful.   The COS Rodeo will name the event after your business for the entire season!  (For Example, The VISITCOS.com Mutton Bustin’)

  • 40 tickets for the Rodeo only (Dinner not included, 20% off regular price)
  • Logo on the Barrel racin’ barrels
  • Naming recognition during the event at the rodeo and on the Website
  • 3rd tier logo on the Front page of COSRODEO.com
  • Logo included on marketing poster

6 sponsorships available



Bull Riding Buckle Series Sponsor       $8000.00bull-riders-wanted-2

Bull riding is not only a dangerous business and a tough way to make a living but also the highlight of any rodeo.   Support our cowboys by sponsoring the buckle series and putting a little dough in our rider’s pockets.  $500.00 will be added to the jack pot each week.  Bulls will be provided by TZ Bucking Bulls, who are a local, Larkspur Colorado, family owned Business. Their bulls are seen in the well-known PBR Rodeo.


  • 100 tickets to the Rodeo (Dinner not included, 20% off regular price will be offered to all sponsor guests)
  • Announcements during bull riding event
  • Name on marketing Poster
  • Name on Buckle Series page on the Website
  • 4, 3’x5’ posters in the Arena all season
  • logo on the Front page of the website

Buckin’ Bronc  Buckle Series Sponsor    $6000.00     bucking-horse-drawing-1024x853

Nothin’ jumps higher than a buckin’ Bronc except the Buckin’ Bronc event Sponsor.  The cowboys who ride our broncs will be working hard for the prize money.  Your support will give the dudes enough money to make it to the next show. $400.00 will be added to the jack pot each week.


  • 50 tickets to the Rodeo (Dinner not included, 20% off regular price)
  • Announcements during the Buckin’ Bronc event
  • Name on marketing Poster
  • Name on Buckle Series page on the Website
  • 2, 3’x5’ posters in the Arena all season
  • logo on the Front page of the website

 Western Art Sponsorship                        $1500.00    

Western heritage is bigger than life and so is our western poster series. Nominated in 2016 for the business and arts award by COPPR and the RBA.  Our 20’ x 30’ fabric posters will be hung around the arena to set the scene and enhance the atmosphere of the west.  A variety of genres and scenes will adorn the posters.  Each poster will have sponsors names prominently displayed on them.  Help us transform Norris Penrose Arena each week.

  • 20 tickets to the Rodeo (Dinner not included, 20% off regular price)
  • Your name on a Poster and the western art webpage.
  • Name on marketing Poster

Please contact our office for more information and to sponsor the COS Rodeo’s Western Wednesdays. (719) 578- 0935